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Will you take me back?

Dear readers,

....or maybe there aren't any at all.....I honestly could be just throwing words out there into a black abyss.  But I've decided that's completely okay.  I think this blog is more for me than for anyone else.  (Well  maybe for my parents who enjoy reading to know the details of what we have been up to).  I have had a couple requests to start writing again - so thanks to those who have encouraged me to get back in gear!

At any rate, if you are out there, will you take me back and forgive me for being gone for so long?  I've once again shown you my lack of commitment to this blog.  I can't believe I haven't written since this summer! 

So much has changed since then and lots of exciting things have happened in our lives.  We are settling into our new marriage (quite nicely if I say so myself).  We've learned so much about each other in the last several months.  Already into month 8, we have managed to weather the storm of a relocation to Austin, Texas, new roles at work and jumping into a new community and new church.  We are loving being back closer to family - just 3 hours away.  We have already spent a couple weekend with each set of parents and cherished not having to get on a plane to travel for the holidays.  God has been so faithful to us in this time.  He's provided wonderful friends here in Austin and a church we are so grateful to be a part of.  We also love our home and exploring new parts of Austin that I never touched as a college student. 

TFTN has a new look for the new year.  I decided I wanted to take it a more simple route.  I'm hoping to still include more pictures as I write in coming months as well.  Would love to know what you think!

Bye for now!


krislyn. said...

Of course, I'll welcome you back! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend Katelin -- so happy to hear that all is well in Austin!

Team Roy said...

I'm happy to follow again :-) Hope you had a blessed Christmas and great new year!

Lindsay and Scott said...

I'm sooo happy you will be back writing! I love reading your blog!!!

Blake Parrish said...


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