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Birthday Roadtrip for B

Saturday we decided to take a much needed day off of work to take a getaway to a place on our "Texas Bucket List" as a pre birthday celebration for B.  We had thought about taking a road trip somewhere but are quickly realizing being back in Texas, that getting out of the state is easier said than done.  We miss that about AZ.

We slept in that morning and got a late start on the road with just enough time to stop in Lockhart for some BBQ.  This town is supposedly famous for their Texas BBQ and have multiple well known smoke houses and meat markets to get your carnivore fix.  B chose Black's BBQ.  I think he chose wisely.

We walked in and saw dozens of options for serve yourself sides to choose from.  From creamed corn, mac and cheese to cornbread dressing and even sweet potato casserole.  The meats were cut for you on the spot.  We sampled some brisket and sausage and decided to go for a little of both.  The brisket was by far the best thing we had.  The place was a legit Texas BBQ experience, complete with old pics and road signs adorning the wall.  Our booth had a picture of Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley and Stephen McGee from their visit together in 2006.
Happy Husband about to be very full
With full bellies, we climbed back into the car and headed about an hour down the road to Shiner, Texas.  Living out of state for the past several years, we always were on the hunt for Shiner on tap and it was a special treat when you could get your hands on it.  It's always been one of my favorites, maybe because it's a Texas beer, maybe because it's really a great beer. :)

We got a full tour of the brewery.  The most fascinating part was seeing the bottling process.  Being in the CPG industry, I found it particularly interesting.  Yes, nerdy I know.   Outside it smelled like freshly baked sweet bread.  Yum.

We traded our wooden nickels in for 4 tastings.  Our favorite was by far the Shiner 102, an anniversary brew.  Not sure what makes it a "Double Wheat" beer, but it was smooth, easy to drink and oh so good. Stock up if you see it, it's only in a limited production.  Shiner, Texas was a success.

Saturday night we entertained at our casa with a bunch of friends and family to celebrate him again.  I love love love to stretch birthday celebrations out as long as possible.  Blake was a master griller and made some killer burgers.  The night was filled with good friends, good beer, a fire pit, a few games of bags, bocce ball and even a 7 pound chocolate cake!

Can't wait to keep the celebrations going for my hubby!  I love birthdays!  AND I love him!


Team Roy said...

Sounds like a successful weekend! Happy Birthday to your husband!

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