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My Forever Valentine

Valentines Day 2009 - Scottsdale, AZ
Is the person I trust the most in this world. 

Is someone who I can be totally me with. 

Makes me feel beautiful everyday.  

Is the person I always want to be around and it never gets old.  

Encourages me, respects me and constantly lifts me up.  

Has been the best thing that ever happened to me, becoming his wife this year.

Is truly my best friend and confidant, as trite as it sounds.  

Points me towards Jesus day after day. 

Is going to be enjoying a home cooked candle-lit meal tonight with his forever date.  
No frills, just him and me. 

Isn't going anywhere.  And that's the best part. 

Disclaimer:  Thanks for letting me love vomit all over this page.  I realize Valentines can be such a silly day and I'm really not a huge fan.  That said, this is what the day is supposed to mean, not roses, chocolates and teddy bears.  I'm blessed by Blake and thankful each day that the Lord has brought us together.  He's more than I deserve. My heart is full and happy.  Thanks again (wink).


Blake Parrish said...

Love you.

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