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Going to the Chapel...

I wrote this on Friday night, but haven't had a spare moment to catch my breath and stop crying happy tears to post. Pics are on Facebook as well! :)

What an incredibly suprising and unforgettable evening!

Blake picked me up tonight at about 5:30 because we had a reservation at the Farm at South Mountain for dinner tonight. We had a ‘date night’ on the calendar for a few weeks now (with our crazy schedules we tend to have to carve it out) and I even argued that this place was too expensive and suggested some other options via email. We were supposed to be celebrating his new job and just enjoying a nice date after months of being very frugal! I had taken a nap that afternoon so I hurriedly got ready – not showering – just freshening up and throwing on a dress to be comfortable in the heat. We got to the restaurant a lot faster than we both thought we would with rush hour traffic (I insisted on leaving early to beat the rush hour). Instead we drove through the houses nearby and then eventually parked. We walked up to the hostess and Blake said that he had a reservation for Parrish. The woman’s face lit up a bit and then took us to a very special, private table. We sat in the brick oven area with a covered terrace, overlooking the lawn complete with fire pits and lights in the trees. We took our time glancing at the drink menu and then Blake decided it a good time to pray. I thought this was a little strange at first to pray before our food arrived, but at the same time was thinking this is why I love Blake. His prayer was very long but so heartfelt and honest, like he always prays– praying about God’s faithfulness in bringing us both together, aligning the timing of his job and just his providence overall. I was already teary after that and had no idea what was coming next!

Then Blake began to talk about our future together and how he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together as best friends and as husband and wife. Getting down on one knee he held out a beautiful solitaire diamond ring. I had no idea he already had a ring to give me to ask for my hand! I had a hunch over the weekend that he might have asked my parents for their permission as my mom was being a little funny about his visit. (mostly vauge) I did not expect for him to propose this quickly by any means! I think I just said yes, yes, yes before he could even get words out – and of course was a crying mess!

Our sweet friend Scotty came and secretly snapped pictures of the event as well. They are so beautiful and we are so lucky to have such a gifted, generous friend!

We then called out parents who were having dinner together at the Parrish’s and shared with them our exciting news. It was so special for me to have both families already together. It really meant a lot to see them sharing in our joy as one family. The rest of the evening we shared an incredible 7 course meal made especially for us! We came back to Scottsdale to Jen’s house where our friends were there waiting for us to celebrate. The girls had brought me wedding magazines and even an adorable bride headband complete with my soon to be initials. Thanks Hairsay! I recapped the story for all of our friends and enjoyed their excitement and support as we sipped on champagne and listened to, “going to the chapel.”

I am so blessed to be marrying my best friend. He is truly the perfect man for me. His heart is so good and he loves the Lord so much which makes me fall in love with him more and more. He treats me better than I deserve and holds me up. He is an encourager, a passionate servant and a loyal friend. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. I’m so excited to share my life with him and partner in our new adventure.

Wow Lord, thank you for all you have done! I would have never guessed this would have all fallen into place the way it did tonight. You are amazing – thank you for preparing the path for us. You are so good. All the glory to You!


Liz Elston said...

yay! so excited!

Katie said...


Reader Ruth said...

You have your future mom-in-law in tears. Thanks for sharing this so that I can scrap it!! Love ya!

Sharon 'Paige' said...

Im so glad me and adam could have brunch with you guys so I could see how wonderful you are together! Congratulations and I love you!

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