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Love is in the air....

I feel loved.

Over the course of the last week, I can’t tell you how loved and honored I feel. Not only because the man of my dreams has asked me to marry him, but even more my sweet friends and family have continued to send encouraging messages of congratulations, best wishes and excitement to us both. It is an overwhelming feeling! Thank you so much to all who have reached out to us and let us know how excited you are for us. We are so very happy and so glad to share our excitement with you! So in honor of all of our sweet friends and family I toast to you….

Some ships are big,
Some ships are small,
But the best ships are friendships,
So here’s to us all!

My friends in Arizona laugh at me because I say that toast all the time. I think my friend Loren taught it to me in the first place in college and it has stuck. Some of my guy friends even roll their eyes when I do it over and over again….but I just love it! I suggest you toast to your friends using these short but sweet verses whenever you get the chance. :) If anyone has another toast that seems to go over well for them…let me know!

Thanks again to all that love us both. This season of life will be so special for us in part becuase of you!


Amanda said...

i never get tired of that toast :)

susana said...

Thats great thanks...
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