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Menu Plan Monday

It will be a short week for the menu plan since I will be traveling for the majority of the week.  But wanted to give you a couple of the ideas we have in the works with the remainder of our CSA box veggies and few fresh things we picked up this week. 

This summer we are into grilling EVERYTHING.  It's the best solution to not having to heat your house up by turning on the oven.  It's been fun to try to grill everything under the sun including veggies, pizza, breads, meat, and even fruit.  The grill is not just for burgers and hot dogs my friends!

Hope you all have a lovely week!


  • Grilled pork tenderloin, glazed & grilled butter nut squash with goat cheese & roasted (on the grill) beet salad
  • Grilled chicken, green salad & grilled zuchini squash
  • Pesto grilled chicken and pasta


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