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Second Honeymoon

Here I go on catching you up on life as of lately....

At the end of May, B and I traveled to St. Lucia to celebrate our first anniversary.  The trip came at the perfect time for us where we were both needing a break from work and the business that comes with the day to day hustle and bustle.  We were so grateful for a week full of relaxation!  We nearly missed our connection after sprinting through the Atlanta airport.  Once we arrived, we were in full on vacation mode complete with all inclusive food, drinks and activities.  No pressure, no problem.  (A local idiom that we quickly adopted).

St. Lucia was beautiful!  Above you can see the famous Pitons peaking out of the palm trees.  The island was so lush and green.  We had great weather too.  The forecast looked like rainy skies every day, but we only had one or two showers while we were there  and there were great reprives from the intense sun. 

My handome hubby with some leftover volcanic mud on his face.
One of the best things we did was learn how to sail during our time in St. Lucia.  Blake was a natural!  I was a bit more timid on our small cat boats.  Once we got the hang of it - we did it a few more times while we were there.  We also ocean kayaked, swam in the ocean and did a whole lot of laying around reading and drinking fruity cocktails.  We also did a power boat excursion that took us around the island, stopping at some of the key sites for us to explore.  We saw the famous Margot bay, climbed to a waterfall, took a mudbath near the volcano in volcanic mud and snorkeled.  A great way to see so much in one day!

Yum! After dinner drinks!
Nightime view of the bay
It was a wonderful trip and the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary!  We are already thinking about where we want to go next!  Any suggestions!


jenna said...

looks amazing!!! So glad y'all got time to relax and disconnect. Happy belated anniversary :)

Blake Parrish said...

When do we get to go again??? Love you; great post!

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