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Blessings in the Waiting: 83-81

1. Sharing pizza and pasta with an awesome group of friends
2. Our faithful friend Dave, answering the call and going to serve in Haiti
3. Being adults but still acting like kids from time to time
4. Oatmeal Cookie yogurt
5. My parent's incredible creativity, hardwork and endless dedication to make our wedding day so special

6. Waking up to blue skies after days of grey and rain
7. Girl chat on the couch in our PJs
8. Celebrating our friend Brittani on her birthday!
9. A cleansing cry
10. Learning more about how to let go of control and walk in faith and not in fear

11. The start to putting our wedding invites together!
12. The way I leave Trader Joes feeling inspired in the kitchen!
13. Dinner conversation filled with the spirit, convictions and a thrist for Jesus
14. Celebrating Mac's birthday from far away. I love you sis.
15. Actually seeing some heart change show up....


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