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Blessings in the Waiting: 169-167

1. Watching kiddos walk to school in their halloween costumes this morning. Too cute!
2. Having B come and see me at my house after a long travel day. I love a little cuddling in the chilly weather!
3. Being energized to be back in the office after a long stint on the road
4. Getting errands run after work before the weekend begins!
5. Enjoying some delish TX BBQ compliments of RUDY's with some great company

6. A relaxing evening with pressure to do anything or go anywhere...just hanging out
7. Mandy's creativity and energy for some hilarious costumes! (winners!)
8. Cleaning my apartment and room up a bit with a cup of coffee in hand and football on the TV
9. Seeing SOLA start to come together and already seeing the community of shop owners, etc. drift in! So exciting!
10. Not walking while running our Spooky Run!

11. Doing something a little out of the norm on halloween.....including FREE boo-ritos!
12. Mac and B's growing relationship :)
13. Hearing the Word in full force this morning. The sweetness and goodness of reconciliation when I don't deserve it from the Lord
14. Easy soup
15. Having a decorating vision for our new place and finishing a few items up on our registry!


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