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Blessings in the Waiting: 188-186

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! I added a few extra blessings since it was such a special few days! ENJOY!

1. Walking in to a cube covered in streamers!
2. Birthday love via email and lots of funny "best wishes"
3. A lovely girls lunch at one of my favorite lunch spots
4. Serenades and Sprinkles! What a combo!
5. Picking up LB from the airport! What a great bday present!

6. Cowboys, Tush-Push and Burgers at Greasewood Flat
7. Campfire smell on my sweater
8. Late night dessert!
9. Perfect weather for a fabulous hike on Pinnacle
10. Pool time with Bloody Marys

11. Lots of calls, texts and birthday love from friends, family and Facebook :)
12. A not-so-sappy but VERY sweet card
13. My mom's expected birthday tears - reflecting back on the
14. A delish dinner with so many wonderful friends
15. A little Bocci ball competition!

16. Racing for the cure....a sea of inspiring pink!
17. A cuddle nap on a Sunday afternoon....
18. Dinner with family from near and far
19. Texas Football Victory!
20. Feeling loved and celebrated all weekend!!! What a blessing!


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