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I think I just need to stop and take a moment to publicly say thank you.

I will be the first to admit that this engagement phase of my life has been quite a whirlwind. There is ALWAYS something on my to do list. I don't think it will end until I walk down the aisle.....wait maybe after the house is organized, thank yous are sent and my name is officially changed....ok probably not. I would not be holding it together (that's a subjective phrase) without some very very KEY people in my life who are GIVING so much of themselves to make our say as SPECIAL as can be. It's good and right to say thank you.

First, Mom and Dad....
You two are incredible. From the countless work days you have given up to the endless phone calls, emails and contacts you have made, you have worked tirelessly on the wedding since day 1. All of your efforts are so so so meaningful to me and I'm super grateful for your help and selfless hearts. I know you want to make the day as special for me as you can and your generosity is humbling. Thanks is not enough.

You amaze me. It's so obvious that you are so focused on making this a wonderful season in my life. You are always so willing to do what you can, make every detail important and step out of the spotlight to let me have the moment. Your humility speaks volumes about the woman you are. Thanks for serving and loving me so well.

I know that you probably wish for just one night free of wedding talk, but your tender way of answering my questions, following up on things and allowing me to always talk about it shows me how much you love me. I am so very grateful for the way you have served me in helping me plan, care about the details and help me tick off things on the do list that might not be very fun or glamorous. I promise our lives will be wedding talk free on April 17th. :)

To everyone else who has called, offered help, loved me, shared know who you are. I know who you are. From planning showers to make me feel loved and special, to calling to ask about details and being excited for me, to making tags for my lingerie months before I leave for my honeymoon or just sharing in my joy, from bringing me wedding magazines, to opening up your homes for bachelorette parties, from doing research for me or crafting somethign special with your talents....



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