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Blessings in the Waiting: 175-173

1. Date night with my man!
2. Dressing up for an night on the town - he looked so handsome!
3. Change of scenery, heading into Phoenix
4. Enjoying a fabulous birthday gift with tickets to Grease!
5. Having Blake enjoy something that I love so much ....or at least fake it for me :)

6. Not setting an alarm and sleeping in
7. A pretty day for the zoo - seeing co-workers and their familes (many new additions) outside of work
8. White bean chicken chili
9. College football and cuddling
10. Relaxing most of the day and not feeling guility about it

11. Seeing the new coffee shop start to come together....I can't wait to see what God has in store for it!
12. Feeling like we accomplished a lot of stuff for the wedding
13. Making my own marinades
14. Kisses.
15. Playing with kids that aren't ours :)


McKenna said...

you must be in love!

Blake Parrish said...

I wasn't faking liking Grease - I enjoyed spending the time with you and enjoying something with you that you really enjoyed. It is LOVE!

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