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Scenes from the Weekend: Part I SXSW

We had an awesome time enjoying our city this weekend.  The city has exploded with SXSW in town.  I think it nearly has doubled the city in size!  There is so much going on, so much hustle and bustle and so much energy.  It's pretty exciting!  We wanted to check it out on Friday night so we decided to get our workout in by jogging downtown and taking it all in. 

One of the coolest elements of South By are the pop ups - showcasing all of the new technology.  This is the Playstation pop up store.  The screens outside were huge.  Right across from the convention center, it really made a statement. 

Pepsi converted an empty parking lot into a huge party space full of food, drinks and live music.  The transformation was amazing.  It got you asking, what was there before?

This was once Max's Wine Dive and now has been converted into the CNN Grill exclusively for SXSW.  A stage and tour bus were outside.  I can't even believe the size of that sign - all just for 2 weeks!

The pop up Apple store was definately getting all of the attention.  The store popped up just in time for the ipad 2 to be released at 5pm.  The line wrapped around the building and down the block.  I can't believe how fast this store came together.  Rumor has it, they started loading merchandise in around noon to open doors at 5.  Insane!  We ran into Blake's good friend Adam, in from Cali.  Can't wait to hang out with them later in the week. :)

After dinner, we headed back home for a quiet dinner, grilling kabobs on the patio.  We then got away from the city and headed out 290 to the Nutty Brown Cafe to hear a great 80's band with some of Blake's co-workers.  It was a fun and chilly evening!  A nice escape from the craziness going on downtown!


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