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Scenes from the Weekend: Part II Around Town

Saturday was an incredibly beautiful day.  It would have been insane to stay inside.  So we didn't. 

We woke up and went to the Henderson's to barrow (babysit) Charis for the morning.  We stopped at Mozart's for a latte and a breakfast taco by the lake.  Charis waved to all of the dogs on their morning outings and we enjoyed the breeze blowing off the lake.  One of those days where you never want Spring to end. 

Next we headed to a farmer's market at Barton Creek Mall.  It's a really great market full of unique finds and beautiful produce.  We snagged some blacked shrimp and salmon boudin sausage.  It sounded too good to pass up for dinner that night.  After dropping it off at the house, we headed down to Town Lake for a walk. 

Good thing Charis loves the stroller, because we walked for a long time!  We started off at South First and Riverside and walked East and then up through Travis Heights- checking out all of the amazing houses on the hill.  A great leg workout.  :)  We strolled by Hotel St. Cecelia and down South Congress on our way back. 

Only in Austin would you see this, mixed in with SXSW on a Saturday on South Congress....
I got to enjoy a great lunch with two of my dear college friends at Central Market.  It was so fun to be together.  It felt just like old times!  I loved the chance to catch up!  What a great Saturday blessing!

Blake had a great idea to ride our bikes down South Lamar to check out some of the thrift stores and local boutiques rather than hassle with traffic.  Again - a great leg workout!  We popped into a few that I had yet to check out.  We didn't take home any finds but it was great to see what was out there. 

On our way down Lamar we noticed that there was a camera crew and a shiny black suburban at the Gourdoughs trailer park.  We noticed a good looking dude with large and very white smile.  I think he might have been a host for some entertainment show or something like that - I skip out on shows like that so I really have no idea who he was.  A few seconds later Jake Gyllenhaal popped out of the suburban and sat down for an interview.  Like crazy tourists, we snapped a few photos on my iphone. :)  (I promise that's really him in the pic)

The rest of the evening we shopped for groceries and made a fantastic dinner and again enjoyed the weather, eating outside on the patio.  Our bodies were exhausted - I wonder how many calories we burned biking and walking!

Sunday AM we were sore but drug ourselves out of bed and headed to the Greenbelt for a hike.  We went to a part of the Greenbelt we hadn't been before and it was a great hike and so beautiful.  Here's a pic of a huge tree, part of the gorgeous scenery on the hike.  (Sorry for the ugly iphone pic, it's all we had with us)

Our weekend wrapped up with a great service at church and then a dinner to wind down and get ready for the week.  It was a fantastic weekend - I loved spending it with my hubby and getting some great one on one time together.  :) I hope it's just a beautiful next week!


ALi said...

talk about a good weekend, does it get much better than that?

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