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Something to Look Forward To!

This spring we are going here.....

....and we couldn't be more excited!

To celebrate our one year anniversary, B and I will be traveling to St. Lucia for some relaxation on the beach!  It's so nice to have this to look forward to  in the next several weeks. 

We went the all-inclusive route to make sure that we really enjoy our trip.  We fell in love with all-inclusive on our honeymoon.  We can be tight-wads on vacation and tend to watch our pennies so paying upfront in order to be able to eat and drink what we want is certainly nice for us!  Really makes vacation feel like a vacation!

I really can't believe our anniversary is just a few weeks away!  Oh how time flies!


Kristina said...

SOOOOOO jealous!!! You'll have to give us a full rundown! I've tossed around the idea of an all inclusive a few times because similar to a cruise it's nice to just have it all taken care of and do whatever you want. Can't wait to hear about it!

Katelin said...

I'll keep you posted on how it turns out! You need to take a babymoon! :)

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