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I'm salivating....

Excuse my gross title....but seriously, this looks incredible

Photo credit:  Elaine Skinner
What an amazing concept!  A transient restaurant that travels from venue to venue (sometimes farm to farm) with ever changing menus fit to echo the setting, city or hands of the people who bring food to the table.  This sounds like a foodie dream complete with local ingredients and a local, celebrated chef all dining elbow to elbow at a long table together. 

If only I had a spare $400 lying around for Blake and I get experience this!


Kristina said...

Schnepf Farms out here in Queen Creek does something similar where they host different chefs who create menus based on what the farm is growing. For example they had a whole peach themed menu during the peach harvest. They line up tables down the orchard and I'm sure its not nearly as pricey...less than $100 I think. Maybe try that next time your out here!

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