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Running on Empty

I wrote yesterday about how we have been grilling everything this summer.  Sure enough, just in time for a going away dinner party with friends, our tank was completely empty.  I guess I will be eating my words that we will be grilling all of our dinner this week. 

We cranked up our oven and filled it to the brim with pork tenderloin and veggies.  Plan B worked out okay! 

Last night was so bittersweet.  Our dear friends, Carrie and Bryan, will be moving to Dallas next week.  We had one last dinner with them to send them off.  They quickly became very dear friends to us right after we moved to Austin.  They will be so missed!  We have learned so much from them through their friendship.  I have greatly admired their honesty, vulnerability, authenticity and servant hearts.  They have been wonderful friends.  We have had so many fun evenings of dinners at eachothers house and hours spent on the couch chatting.  We have been so blessed by both of them and their sweet daughter Charis.  I am excited to see how God uses them in Dallas.  

Can't wait to go visit them soon when baby Annabelle comes.  Glad they won't be too far away!  We will miss you Hendersons!


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