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Anniversary Week

I cannot even believe that it's already been a year since B and I tied the knot!  It truly feels like our wedding was just a few weeks or months ago.  To countdown to the 16th, I thought I would post a few posts reflecting on our wedding week, rehearsal and wedding day.  I started this concept of 'Wedding Rewind' SEVERAL months ago and never got around to finishing it.  Now feels like the perfect time. 

If you want to catch up you can start by reading about

So sorry to leave you hanging so many months ago!

Stay tuned this week for more posts about our wedding day and all of the thoughts, feelings and emotions leading up to it!  I promise, I'm going to finish telling you this story.  

And many, many, many more years full of them!


The Mrs.! said...

How sweet are you...just looking at your hubby as you walk down the aisle together...what a precious moment!

Katelin said...

thank you! I have to give my photog tons of credit for some amazing shots!

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