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things i've learned.

we certainly don't have it all figured out, but i've sure learned a lot about me, about B and about us this year. i am loving the painfully worth-it sanctifying process of marriage.  praise HIM for creating it.  here's what i am learning.....

my resistance in receiving grace.

how selfish i can be. 

how my recharge time and alone time feels fuller with B around.

sticking to a budget is really a huge accomplishment.

adopting each other's hobbies can be just as fun as doing my own.

spending time solo and with girlfriends and finding that balance can be challenging, yet so important.

i married a patient, servant-hearted man. 

i feel safe in the confines of the intimacy of our marriage. 

i truly am married to my very best friend.

we are truly blessed in the blending of two families.

looking back and reflecting on where we have been is such a good discipline and shows God's providence. 

trust is vital.

teamwork is essential.

i like control.  it's an idol in my heart that i want to surrender but continue to stumble over again and again.

having a sous chef is much more fun when making dinner.  a good-lookin dish washer doesn't hurt either. 

a year full of change can be unifying instead of devisive

checking in on where we are "at" regularly is a great practice to stay connected and ensure we aren't skimming over important feelings or concerns.

leaving friends and family to move to a new city is much easier with 2 than all by yourself. 

sometimes you just need to get away.

a date night out, sitting across the table from one another is so much better for us than staying in.

this takes work.  and we're up for the challenge.

we must absoultely love God first before we can truly love one another.


EatLiveRun said...

love this! :)

ALi said...

Crazy when you get married you do learn a lot about your spouse, but oh so much about yourself. Wait until you have a baby. Marriage is a wonderful thing! You two are so cute together.

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