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Wedding Rewind: The Big Day (Part III: The Reception)

After walking down the aisle, with our family and friends beaming back at us, we headed out of sight and had a couple of moments alone before our wedding party and photographer caught up with us.  It was a sweet time to just take it in, see the new rings on our hands and just kiss and hug in our near unbelief and overwhelming joy.  Our loving wedding party circled around us and cheered for us.  We did it! We were actually and officially married! Ecstatic

Before we headed inside we spent a little while with the insanely talented Kathryn Kruger to for some bride and groom shots on our own.  We were glad we had a warm up with our engagement photo shoot in Arizona, to get a little bit more comfortable behind the camera.  It was hard not to just hug and kiss and do nothing else just because we were so so excited.  She captured some great emotions that seemed to be just naturally pouring out.  I loved the backdrop the beautiful wildflower laden field and the stone tower, what a gorgeous, natural setting! The beautiful photos now are hung all over our house and are perfect reminders of our special day.  Memories

We sealed the deal with the signing of our marriage certificate with Pastor Heath.  Our parents watched us with Lemon Kiss Martinis in hand.  I loved that they were all 4 standing there watching us make it official.  We hugged and embraced them as they shared in our joy.  I think we were also just all relieved to have made it through the ceremony without a drop of rain.  We were all breathing a little easier at this point! Release

I have to be honest and say that my least favorite part of my wedding day was taking the obligatory portraits. (I'm a realist, as you probably know by now).  I decided I wanted to go through with it because it was so important to me to have a few family shots but it was like herding cats to get everyone in line.  Those Lossmans were ready to get to the party!  Isn't it like that at every wedding though?   We were all happy to be done with the family and group shots and Blake and I got a few last pictures as the sun was setting.  In between shots my trusty bridesmaids and M-O-H bustled my dress, changed out my accessories and helped me put in a new veil and flowers in my hair.  Everything was happening so fast! Everyone tells you it will, but I didn't really believe them.  I thought I would be able to soak in each moment and just take the evening at a relaxing, enjoyable, slow pace.  Before we knew it, we were lining up to go inside to start the party!  Celebrate!

Our band announced us after our wedding party had be introduced and we then made our way to the dance floor for our first dance  We danced to Dave Barnes', "I Have and I Always Will."  I remember thinking that everyone was around us and everyone was watching and being somewhat overwhelmed by that kind of attention.  My sweet Blake, without saying anything at all, reminded me it really was our moment to have with each other.  The early signs of his incredible leadership in our relationship.  We did a few spins and a few small dips but mostly smiled at each other, kissed and took it all in.  I was dancing with my husbandUnbelievable.

Darling, we're both scared
But where love is, fear won't tread
All of these friends here agree
We're right where we should be

Underneath all your white
My Lady, My Love, My Bride
In your darkest hours
Will I love you still
I have and I always will

I guess it's because I just do
Following heaven's clues
This is a big mystery
How I found, you found me

And you are changing now
Your part of me somehow
And I will never be alone

In your darkest hours
Well I love you still
I have and I always will
I have and I always will

My parents welcomed all of our guests with a few extremely kind and thoughtful words. With my mom by his side, my dad blessed us both with his generous sentiments and proud smile.  With my dad always being a crier in the past, I thought that there was no way he would be able to get through his speech.  He did wonderfully and his kinds words will stick with me and Blake for a long time.  They certainly threw an amazing party.  I can't say thank you enough to them for all they did to make our day incredible down to every small detail! Grateful.

Because of drizzle all day long, we decided to go with the rain backup plan for seating.  Unfortunately this meant that all of our guests were not seated together as planned, but they were spread out in the gallery and also in the library for dinner. We had a plate brought to us full of our yummy dinners, we quickly ate and then said started around the rooms to say hello to our guests.  Food was delicious!  I was so pleased with how great it turned out.  I'd highly recommend Circle C Catering for both the taste and value of the food.  I was too excited to eat very much, but it sure was tasty.  With the band starting to play in the background, it was so fun to float around the rooms and see everyone.  I loved catching up with each guest, getting hugs and feeling so so loved by each of them.  I showed off my new wedding band, took pictures with our guests and thanked them for so generously coming to celebrate us.  It was so fun to see co-workers, college friends, high school friends, family friends and family from near and far.  I still can't believe how many people would travel to Austin to celebrate with us! Appreciative

We nearly missed the toasts from our Best Man & Maid of honor since we were in the Library visiting with guests. The band had introduced them, but there was no bride and groom in sight! Paul welcomed me into the family and gave Blake a bit of a tease in the process, like any big brother should. We were honored to have him raise his glass to us.  McKenna gave an always-so-eloquent yet witty speech with a Sugar Plum Fairy theme. So fitting for me and my dancer past and our sisterly history of (extremely) lengthy dance/fashion/theatre shows when we were kids.  Not sure I will be able to give one like she did when that day comes,  she did an incredible job!  Maybe one of the best MOH speeches I've ever heard!  Overflowing

It was then my turn to dance with my dad to John Mayer's "Daughters".  I let Dad pick the song and it was a great choice. We had so much fun dancing.  It felt light and not too sappy.  We laughed and reflected about the wonderful night we were having so far and how everything had fallen into place.  He had really been such a great rock for us during the whole planning process and it was fun to celebrate that moment with him. Blake danced with his mom to "Forever Young."  A sweet moment with the two of them.  Blake is so close to his mom and I'm sure it wasn't easy for her watching her baby boy "fly coup."  Sentimental

We were on board for most of the traditional traditions like a bouquet toss and garter toss.  I wasn't much of a bouquet tosser though.  I threw my flowers straight up in the air and they came down right behind me.  I think I was afraid to throw it too hard and hit something or someone!  My sweet friend Catherine and my cousin Sarah duked it out for the bouquet.  Sarah took the win, ironically Catherine got married next.  :) The Garter toss was hilarious.  My dad decided it would be funny if he pulled up a chair to watch Blake take my garter off.  I think Blake was sweating having him sit there and eye him.  Hey it was legal now! Blake got to pull of not one, but two garters!  One was the garter that my mom made me from a part of her wedding dress and the other one was a surprise Aggie garter just for B.  After the big toss our friend Steve caught the garter and paraded victoriously around with his new accessories.    Merriment

We cut our cake with a little bit of style.  We didn't really want to start our new marriage with the slamming cake in each others faces but playfully fed each other the very yummy cake.  I loved how the cakes turned out.  Our tiramisu wedding cake was almost to pretty to cut into!  Blake's groom's cake was in the shape of Camelback Mountain with us (as hikers) up on top.  The chocolate hazelnut flavor was pretty rich and delicious as well!  Sweet

We danced hard. Really hard.  Sweating and feet throbbing hard.  The band was phenomenal and people stayed on the dance floor all evening long!  Mac did a great job finding this band from another wedding she had been to.  We didn't even hear them live before we hired them.  They were awesome! I loved dancing with the my bridesmaids and all of the girls crowded around me.  I spent a good part of the night dancing with my groom too.  I loved dancing with cousins, the Taylor girls, Aunts and Uncles.  We both had a fabulous time floating around the room with all of our guests.  "We Are Family" got everyone up forming a family circle.  This tends to be a tradition at all of our family weddings.  We even got to witness what we could call a "lap dance" by my Grandma.  It was an awesome moment with grandma sitting on my grandpa's lap in his wheelchair while we spun her around with the whole family surrounding them. I was just so grateful to have so many grandparents there!  I think everyone was having a fantastic time!  The amount of people and sweaty bodies on the dance floor seemed like evidence of that! Loving every moment. 

We ended the the night dancing to "Let's Get it On" as our last song.  Yes, I realize, not the most traditional choice of last songs.  Originally we had planned for this to be our exit as we ran to the get away car.  It turned out to be a hilarious and memorable ending to our evening.  All of our friends and family were circled up around us.  It might have been a little TMI for some our our guests, but we just laughed and winked at each other.  Red in the face

Paul announced the Rudy's breakfast tacos being served outside as our guests lined up to wish us goodbye.  I couldn't believe how many people stayed late to send us off.  Ruth made beautiful yellow, white and blue streamers for everyone to wave as we headed to the car.  We climbed in and waved goodbye as we headed off to our evening at the Driskel downtown.  It still hadn't all set in that this was reality! Even more, I couldn't believe it was all over! Incredible

That's the end of our wedding story.  I'd like to think it ends, "and they lived happily ever after".....

One year later we are still living happily ever after and working hard at it.  That said, we are learning a lot, loving a lot and asking for grace and forgiveness when we fall short.   Keep reading next week to hear all about it.  :)

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