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Blessings in the Waiting: 195-193

1. Fun socks and sweatpants
2. Driving only 1.5 hrs and being in the mountains and pine trees
3. The smell of a campfire (even when you can't get it out of your hair)
4. Golden brown mallows
5. Watching men be men: chopping wood, building fires...

6. Breath taking views of God's creation
7. Dutch oven dinners....incredibly delish!
8. A chilly sleep curled up in a sleeping bag
9. Blue skies and fresh air
10. The sound of rain on the tent roof

11. A 2 hour nap
12. A fall evening complete with awesome testimonies of people who have walked with God for a lifetime
13. A low stress Monday
14. Getting to see Julia tonight! YAY!
15. More registry fun!


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